How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs In Garden

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The Fact About Pill Bugs

Armadillidiidae is a family of woodlice, which are terrestrial crustaceans that belong to the order Isopoda.

Unlike members of other woodlice families, members of this family can roll into a ball, an ability they share with the outwardly similar but unrelated pill millipedes and other animals. 

This ability gives woodlice in this family their common names of pill bugs[1] or roly polies. 

Other common names include slaters and doodle bugs. The best known species in the family is Armadillidium vulgare, the common pill bug. 


Where Pill Bugs Came From? 

“Pill bugs” are also known as “roly-polies.” They are commonly found in Europe, and were introduced to the Americas.

Some of the coolest things about this little bug are that it can survive in any space, be it open or closed. It can even survive in a freezer for weeks!

Pill bugs are a great example of what you can find in your garden. They’re interesting to study and they’re relatively harmless to people.

Pill bugs are awesome little creatures that live in moist, dark places. They’re also known as “roly-polies,” and to feed, they especially look for material in decomposition.


The Benefit Pill Bugs

Did you know that Pill Bugs are also crucial during the decomposition process? 

They are capable of reproducing in large numbers and can feed on all sorts of dead matter. It’s crazy how they can eat things like mold and even decomposed bodies!

Pill Bugs can feed:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. New roots
  4. Plants


Pill Bugs Nesting place

Pill Bugs love to explore and will wander around your home looking for new places to explore!

and if this happens, they will look for an isolated place to hide :

  • Dark areas
  • Wet areas
  • Under the leaves
  • Mulches
  • Garden debris
  • Rocks

After discovering some Pill Bugs in your home, don’t worry! You’re going to love living with these bugs because they won’t damage your interior space’s infrastructure.

Water consumption is important for pillbugs! It’s essential in their day-to-day life. These little guys need water to survive.


What are the Pill Bugs?

Pill bugs are the coolest bugs ever. They are aquatic and live in moist environments like under logs, leaves, and rocks. They will eat your dead plants if you’re not careful so I’m warning you now.

Pill Bugs are one part of the crustacean family and can grow up to ¾ inches long. Some people call them roly-polys or doodlebugs!

Pill bugs are a perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a bug by its cover! They’re oval and slow to move, but they’re very strong.

Pill bugs come in a variety of colors, but they’re always so hardy and strong. They’re the perfect addition to your garden if you love composting.

I knew you were curious about the Pill Bug! These unique creatures have seven legs, bent antennae, and a small carapace that’s very similar to an armadillo’s.

These little roly-polies are just adorable! They live in moist environments and like to roll up into a ball when they’re startled.

It’s amazing that even though it’s cold outside, the Pill Bug population is STILL going strong! In March and April, mating activity is over 160% higher than other months. The female Pill Bug will keep her eggs in a bag of liquid

These insects are amazing and so interesting. They’re not going to harm you and they can’t even cause any serious health problems.


Identifying Pill Bugs

Did you know? Pill Bugs have some peculiarities that makes them really cool to keep in your home.

They can live for their entire life out of the water! It’s incredible how they can do this.

Pill bugs love dark or humid places. Their body doesn’t like water so they stay in cool, dry areas when they can.

Pill Bugs are also known as bed bugs, roly-polies, and armadillo bugs.

Her shell looks like armor.

You can find bed bugs or Pill Bugs in garden woods, in flowerpots, or garbage cans.

Pill Bugs are also known as pill bugs, and they prefer nightlife.

You don’t want to have a bed bug infestation in your home! If they come in, you’ll be covering your whole house with pesticides and constantly throwing out any furniture that might be infested.

BUT! Bed bugs DO NOT bite, and so far they have not been shown to transmit disease.

Bed bugs are sneaky little buggers and can enter through any small gaps in your home. There’s no time to waste, so make sure you take precautions right away before it’s too late!

Bed bugs has lots of names according to the place in which it is discovered.

In North America, bed bugs is called Pill bug, while in the West, it is called plant bugs.

Plant bugs, obviously they are another types of pests comparable to the mealybug, it does not roll.

Pill Bugs are likewise understood in other parts of the world as woodlice, and more than pests, they are likewise thought about isopods.

This indicates that these Pill Bugs are better to ocean animals like lobsters and crabs.


Pill Bug Vs. Sow Bug

The size of its antennae can reach half the length of its body, and the most seen are generally gray.

There are some distinctions in between plant bug and pill bugs.

This is a kind of bug that requires to be in a location where wetness is plentiful to endure.

The body of the pill bug is rounder and has more depth in its body. When disrupted, this bug tends to roll into a ball. Like the armadillo, it puts its legs inside its body.

The pill bug tends to eat young plants, and it is for this factor that they can frequently be thought about bugs, and many individuals wish to eliminate them.

The pill bug is thought about a bug, it can not be rejected that they are likewise a terrific assistance for the environment.

This bug breaks down the plant matter in decay and assists speed up the recycling of the nutrients it might consist of.

When there are great deals of bed bugs, they can be bothersome, particularly if they enter your house’s interior area.


How to Get Rid of Pill Bugs in Garden?

If your house has high levels of wet, the pill bugs will likely wish to get in.

If your home has a great deal of humidity, the wood of the facilities can likewise be harmed, or other pests can get in that like the chicness like these temperature level conditions.

It is very important that you prevent humidity in your house, and to attain this, there are a number of choices:

  1. Usage variety hood fans
  2. Usage restroom fans
  3. Ventilation is very important in areas such as the attic.
  4. Get rid of excess greenery outside your house.
  5. Do not leave particles outside your house.


The remains of leaves consist of a great deal of humidity, so they ought to not be left built up for a very long time.

If you have a gutter in your house, it is necessary that you keep it in great condition and routinely tidy it.

You do not require to utilize chemicals to get rid of bed bugs, as you can utilize a caulking weapon or other tool that works in closing holes or fractures that are at ground level.

Residences that have actually been constructed on concrete floorings might be more vulnerable to bed bugs. If you have a concrete flooring, it needs to have a barrier versus humidity.

If you wish to avoid bed bugs from surviving on your residential or commercial property, it is likewise vital to:


Do not utilize integrated pots.

Usage weather-stripping on the entryway doors to your house.

Continuously examine all the areas in your house to spot any trace of humidity rapidly.

Some traps can be constructed out of veggies or other challenge identify bed bugs rapidly. Diatomaceous earth is likewise an excellent option to bid farewell to pill bugs.

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